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Please read and make sure that you understand the following warnings and disclaimers before you use our products.

Use This Product at Your Own Risk.

By receiving and using this product, you will be taking full responsibility of how you use it, what surfaces you use it on, and how and where you store it.

We have tested our products thoroughly, and are proud of their success record, but we cannot guarantee their effectiveness on all stains, surfaces or fabrics, or in all situations.

Our instructions and tips are offered as helpful guidance only, and we do not warrant the system's success.

  • Use These Products with Caution.
  • Do Not Mix with Other Chemicals.
  • Always Test on an Inconspicuous Area before full use. We strongly recommend that you test a small area prior to cleaning with our products, to determine whether the product you are about to apply serves its intended purpose.
  • Be careful of any letter markings on appliance surfaces. e.g. oven dials and buttons etc, as some cleaning products may remove lettering or numbering.

We are not liable for any damage occurring when you use our products, even if used as directed.

All advice given is on a totally independent basis and not necessarily the recommendations of the manufacturers of your granite/corian/quartz/marble/stainless steel.

Your use of the products after being provided with our disclaimer indicates your acceptance of its terms.

Products should not be ingested, and the containers should not be left open around food. If ingested please seek medical attention.

Avoid prolonged skin contact and, most importantly, Keep Out of Reach of Children, Avoid Eye Contact.

In case of eye contact, immediately rinse eyes with plenty of water, remove any contact lenses and continue to rinse eyes with plenty of water for at least 15 minutes. Seek medical attention.

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